About the Mission

The sole purpose for the mission is to preach the gospel of "Jesus Christ" to the Navajo people. These are "OUR" people and we love each of them. Pray with us that their souls may be saved before the Lord's soon return.

We started in the town of Gamerco, NM. This is located between Gallup and the Indian reservation on highway 491 about 3 miles north of Gallup. In 1976, we purchased the land where the mission compound is now located. Through the years the Lord has helped us reach out into the reservation and learn the Navajo people. The mission has a church, school, garage and housing for the staff.

The mission established outreach missions in Sheep Springs, about 50 miles north, and at Winslow, AZ. Sis. Long, a native Navajo lady, has been a great help teaching and singing with us. The vans are used to pickup a number of people who can not drive to the services.

The jail and radio ministries are a vital part of the mission. These provide us a means to reach many souls that may never attend a service at one of the mission stations. Pray for us and our Navajo people. In 1978 we felt the Lord wanted us to spread the gospel over the air waves and that was when the "New Life Broadcast" was born. We felt led to go with the station that would air the broadcast from 8:30 to 9:00 AM on Sunday morning every week.

The support for the mission is provided by people who have a compassion for souls and especially the Navajo people. The work is a Faith work believing in the word of God and going into the "..whiten fields of harvest". We believe that we all must work for the "Lord of the harvest" has commanded us to work until he returns.


*** We have been able to convert some of Bro Gardner's old radio broadcast services into digital files. Here is a Google Drive link to listen to them: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Hv72UfK9qYADZi3YKPWhuWis1O5NWYzb?usp=sharing

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